Creator, EP, and TV Host

Meet our passionate, creator, executive producer, and lifestyle TV host, Tia Greene!

Whoever says passions can’t become your business has yet to meet Tia, Liebe PR’s founder and director. Since founding the Liebe PR in 2012, Tia’s been able to offer a welcoming and celebratory space for diverse clients of literature, food and wine, travel, art, and shopping, all of which are her favs! Life for her isn’t about competition, but about growing and helping one another, so she genuinely lives for the moments of making her clients and partners' dreams a reality! 

She loves to give people insight on hidden gems, so on June 10, 2018, she decided to create a lifestyle tv series, Savour The Moments with Tia and Friends! This show is all about giving you a taste of local communities. Tia takes you and her friends on culinary adventures, wine-cations, and travel excursions while introducing you to amazing souls throughout her journey; you will have an opportunity to learn something new along the way :)

If she's not creating campaigns with her team at LPR or savouring away with us on Savour TV; she is exploring the shores and mountainsides finding new gems with her love, Lyle Granger. 




Meet our cinematographer, Rogers Williams!
He is a world traveler and lover of life whose daily purpose is bringing others’ dreams to reality through his lens! At the age of 15, he began working alongside his father, an accomplished photographer, to hone in his skills as a videographer. Upon graduating high school, he attended Georgia Southern University, obtaining degrees in TV production and journalism. 
Upon graduating, he moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his ambition of owning his own video production business. Since, he’s done video production work for companies such as Coca-Cola, Sony Music, The U.S. Marines, Yelp and a plethora of other corporations and brands. In 2017, the executive produced the documentary “Previous Address,” highlighting the perils of homelessness. 
Based out of Atlanta, Williams continues to produce TV/Film content in places like Spain, the Philippines, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, NY, and various locations internationally.




Meet our producer, Danielle Mckeon! She's a beach lover and creative soul residing in South Florida with the love of her life and their son! If she's not filming away, you will see her on the beach cleaning up, at PTA meetings sharing her voice, or working with the sustainability advisory team in Boynton Beach, FL. 
Danielle received her degree in motion picture & TV production at Palm Beach State.  Since then she has been working in film & TV for thirteen years. She has worked a variety of jobs in the industry, everything from producing to script supervising, eventually falling in love with teleprompting which has been her dominant focus for several years.


AP + Location Scout

Meet our associate producer and location scout, Lyle Granger! 
He loves exploring various towns, coordinating social events around music and food, and helping people come together! If he's not scouting locations or assisting people in developing apps, he is with his fiancee, Tia Greene exploring the shores + mountain sides or just savoring away.



Behind The Scenes: Lifestyle Photographer

Meet our behind the scenes photographer, Geoff Dennis! Geoff is a seasoned photographer with a passion of elevating brands through his lens! He's been capturing many brands for over a decade. He's also been working with Luxury Reports and our sister, Liebe PR! If he's not traveling and capturing moments, he is with his loving wife and children in Woodstock, GA.



Behind The Scenes: Lifestyle Photographer

Meet our lifestyle photographer, Lauren Kress! 
She is a commercial and editorial photographer with a passion for storytelling. She has an eye for light, expression, connection, and nuance which allows her to create vibrant, lively images that capture the big picture as well as the beauty in the details.
She helps creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses, and publications to communicate and engage with their audiences through storytelling images that captivate and inspire! If she's not capturing moments, she is celebrating life and much more with her family in Alpharetta, GA!

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Copy Writer

Meet our Shows copywriter writer Gillian Beharry! Gillian has a B.Sc. in Sociology/Psychology from UWI, Trinidad, and Tobago. She brings an island flair of easy-breezy charm and creative passions. When she is not copywriting, she is involved in community outreach. Also, an entrepreneur and ghostwriter, this mother of 2 keeps occupied. She enjoys reading and listening to podcasts for personal growth. Her love of nature, sand, and surf often draws her to coastal towns, to bask in the golden sunshine and ocean breezes.

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PA + Guest Relations

Meet our newest team member, Amelia Fuchs! After graduating from Southwestern University with a degree in biology, this Texas native decided to pursue her passion for creativity & communication. She currently works as a marketing and PR assistant with Liebe PR and loves shining light on small businesses and their passionate owners. When she's not building client relationships, Amelia loves to share new recipes, restaurants, and experiences with her friends and family.