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Haskell’s Seafood is passionate about being pure. We develop our natural flavors by making seafood stocks from scratch and never allow for sacrifices of quality along the way. We believe there is no reason to compromise something that started as ideal but to elevate it. We have a deep appreciation for our seafood and a responsibility to our natural resources that are always kept. Being immersed in our environment every day is to participate, respect, and be connected. We are connected not only to our seafood but to those who experience and enjoy it with us. That connection is our everyday commitment to you.



We are a family owned boutique importer/wholesaler nestled on the North Fork of Eastern Long Island, New York. Established in 2014, we focus on "Wine on Tap" but offer all our varietals in both bottle and keg formats. Our goal is to bring Wine on Tap to the forefront of the customer pallet; "From Vine to Tap®."

We are an enthusiastic and very motivated operation working hand in hand with our distributors to help expand each markets' horizon. This same close relationship with our suppliers enables us to ensure that we can deliver the best wines from vine to tap or bottle year round.



 Jamesport Vineyards is a father-son collaboration that began in 1986 making it one of the North Fork’s oldest vineyards. Since Ron Goerler Sr. acquired the 165-year-old barn that houses the winery and tasting room a lot has changed, both aesthetically and agriculturally. The tasting room has increased to accommodate an ever-growing number of visitors.

The great lawn out back provides the perfect setting for the Jamesport weekends where people gather to enjoy good wine, live music, and light fare. Other event spaces throughout the property provide the perfect setting for weddings, private parties, and small gatherings. In the vineyard, Ron Jr. continues to update their plantings ensuring they produce the highest quality of fruit available in the region today. The Goerlers have seen their commitment to upgrades result in an increased customer base and greater visibility of their world-class wines.

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Hamptons Meal Prep Service is a local business fathered by Chef Nick and Coach Jay. This service delivers nutrition to the body through meals that are balanced, weighed, calculated, and optimized for your health. We have downloadable recipes that centered not only on nutrition but on taste. These recipes, along with an informational ebook are free!


Sandesha is a Culinary Veteran with better than 23 years of experience. She has dedicated her life to holistic living and spiritual wellness all along harboring the dream to help others in their quest to live longer healthier lives. In pursuit of this, Sandesha has made numerous trips to India where she learned acupuncture w/ light, yoga, meditation and the practices of Holistic living. Her passion for empowering and bettering peoples lives is also expressed through her personal coaching, leading soul sharing circles and holistic dinner experiences.



Ludmilla Benevides 

Seventeen years ago I moved to New York to expand my career as a musician making authentic Brazilian Bossa Nova music. Since then, I developed a solid musical reputation working with great artists including world renowned Brazilian and American musicians.

When we have rehearsals and shows we work long hours with short breaks, so I make sure to bring my Brazilian delicatessen cheese puffs for the band to snack on. They’re the perfect gluten-free treat, and ready in just minutes!

I grew up with a family that loved to cook and eat together so I naturally found my love for cooking and creating new recipes. Now with kids and a husband, who have high standards, it is a must to have cheese puffs on the breakfast, lunch, or dinner table! Whether its my bacon flavored cheese puffs for breakfast paired with a smooth cup of coffee, or my new large cheese puffs perfect for making savory sandwiches for dinner.

A year ago, I decided to develop the best recipe for cheese bread, and now I proudly present my new baby... Milla’s Cheese Puffs. There is nothing better than being able to share our culture in a country that gave me the opportunity to express my passion for music and food.